Monday, June 30, 2008

My little Woman

Brooklyn is really developing a lot of personality lately! She thinks she is pretty funny...and so do we! In this picture she is doing her "binki trick." When she is in a funny mood she will do this and stare at us until we laugh at her. Once she gets her laugh she'll move on to something else! She loves music and will dance anytime she hears it. It's hilarious to see her move her little body to the beat! She's also got sas! She is pretty mellow about 99% of the time, but when she is not in the mode she lets you hear about it! Yesterday Christian said, "Do mood swings start already?" He was, no doubt, in trouble for that comment...but, YES, they do start already. She is woman, hear her roar!

And Even More Visitors

We have been lucky to have so many visitors in the last few months!!! My good friend Talene, and her two kids (Kambri and Brinley) came to visit us last week! We lived by Jeff and Talene in Cedar City and have many memories of our time down there! It was fun to reminisce with Talene. I really do miss our Cedar City days. We had so much fun! I love Kam peeking around the corner in this one!


One of my favorite things about my sweet little kids is how much they love each other! We really didn't pose them in this picture...Kyle just loves to snuggle with Brookie. Brookie really thinks that Kyle hung the moon and Kyle is such a good big brother to her. They have their little moments of annoyance with each other, but overall they are just buddies! Here they are playing with our water table outside. Kyle was playing by himself and Brooklyn was doing everything in her power to get up there with him. Once we put her up there she was in Heaven! My kids LOVE splashing in the water! They had a ball! I can see many, many hours of this in our future!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Has Anyone Seen Kyle?

Kyle is really in to hiding lately! I have to search for him all day. As you can see, he's pretty creative with his hiding spots. I can NEVER find him!! He will sometimes even tell me where he's going to hide before. He'll say something like, "Mommy, me hide in closet. Come find me!" And he thinks he so clever when I just can't seem to find him. I love it!!! It's hard to tell with his dark socks on, but there are his feet poking out of the box.
If I can't see you than you can't see me!

Random little story: yesterday I came into my room and found Kyle sitting on my bed with all of his hot wheel cars and a huge puddle of water. He held up my big water mug and said, "More water Mommy." I said, "No Kyle, you can't pour water all over Mommies bed!" And he said, "Having car wash Mommy!" I thought that was pretty funny. I was able to talk him into moving the car wash into the bath tub. At least it was just water!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Visitors!!!

Christian's brother and his family are visiting from Ohio. Nathan is going to Medical at Ohio State and he and his wife Jessica have two kids that are both the same ages as our kids. Look at all these handsome men! In the middle is Christian's younger brother Cameron (who lives here now, but is planning a move up to Seattle in the near future). On the right is his older brother Nathan and his boy Jansen.Here are the two trouble makers at work!

Has anyone seen Kyle or Jansen?

We went to the Copperton Park and had a blast playing around!

Here are the two princesses! Could anyone be prettier in pink? Natalie is only about a month older than Brookie! It is SO fun having the cousins close in age!!
Brooklyn is already practicing her gymnastics!

We went up to Deer Creek Reservoir yesterday to do some serious wake boarding! Here is my stud up on the wake board! The water was colder than the Dickens, but luckily we borrowed some wetsuits so we didn't die of hypothermia!
I'm obsessed with wake boarding! I hadn't done it in 6 years and I had a blast!!!!! Today I'm sore in places I didn't know I had, but it was all worth it!
Kyle was SO good on the boat! We ended up staying a lot longer than planned, but he was such a trooper! Here is part on the gang. The boat is Christian's company boat and we get to take it out 1-2 times a year and we love every minute of it!
Kyle and Kelsey zonked out on our way home! Kyle looks super comfy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Look Who's Crawling!

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Brookie Update

There is a lot of new news for Brooklyn lately. First off, She started crawling yesterday!!! It is so adorable! In the video above she was mad at Kyle and me because we took the remote away from her because we wanted to see her crawl. She had been rocking on her hands and knees for the last week, or so, and then yesterday it clicked and she just took off! Already today she is crawling a lot faster and getting in to more and more things! She has developed a love for the camera. I'm not sure what it is, but she LOVES to have her picture taken. She even has a special pose she likes to strike, as shown above! Even when she is fussy, or in pain (which has been a lot lately) when we pull the camera out she will stop the crying just long enough to strike her pose, and then she will resume the fussing. It is the funniest thing! I will try and get it on camera because you have to see how she gets all ready for her picture to be taken!
We have some sad news to report, unfortunately. She had ear infections about 3 or 4 weeks ago and we got her on the antibiotic right away. Through the course of the antibiotic she never quite seemed to get back to her normal self, but didn't think a whole lot of it because antibiotics are supposed to take the infection away. In the last couple of days she has been tugging at her ears a lot and has been fussy. She wouldn't eat or sleep so I took her in to the doctor, and sure enough she has ear infections again. One ear is still infected from before and the other ear has a new infection. She didn't respond to the antibiotic which the doctor was pretty concerned about. They put her on a stronger antibiotic and are hoping that it will do the trick, but want me to come in after to make sure her ears are all better. Poor Girl!

Ouch, my ear hurts!
We recently celebrated the 1st birthday of my sisters little girl, Bailey.

Here is the little Birthday Princess!
The two cousins kept stealing each others binki's.
Bailey was a sweet birthday girl and shared all her new toys with Brookie. They are only 4 months apart will have lot's of fun growing up together!

At the party Brookie got in the pool and LOVED it!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We know how to pick friends!

The secret to true friendship is picking the friends who have the coolest toys! Kyle is riding in "Lightening McQueen" with one of his best buds, Carter! (Brooke, you know we like you guys for a couple of other reasons too, right?) Doesn't that just look like eternal bliss for a two-year-old boy! Driving off into the...curb! Here are the coolest boys in town! We can't keep the ladies away.

My little Makeup Artist

It's a good thing Christian never checks our blog because he would die if he saw the picture of Kyle below! I told Kyle to just sit on my bed while I took a quick shower. This is the scene I came out to. The pictures do not come close to capturing just how much makeup was all over my bed, how demolished my makeup got, or the incredibly thick coating of blush and eyeshadow on kyles face. He's even got the open-mouthed "putting your makeup on" face down like a champ. YIKES! What can I say...he wants to be like his Mommy!
This is random, but Kyle said something kind of funny today. I was reaching for something in the cupboard, but couldn't quite reach it and he looked at me excitedly like he had just received revelation and exclaimed, "Mommy little!" I didn't know what he meant by that so he clarified by saying, "Mommy's like me. Mommy little and Kyle little!" I have no idea what sparked that "little" thought, but I thought it was kind of cute. He was sure excited about it!