Friday, December 26, 2008

Video Clip Preface

Last month at church a neighbor boy had a little diecast Dynaco helicopter from the Cars movie. He immediately saw it and fell in love. Since then he has talked about it daily. I searched store after store and couldn't find one for the life of me. I asked my friend where she got and she said she just stumbled upon it at a Target in some random isle. I searched just about every Target in the SL valley and I even searched online and did not have any luck. Just last week I happened to stumble upon one on ebay and immediately bought it hoping it would arrive in time for Christmas. Luckily it did! The video clip below is of him opening it!

Dynaco Helicopter

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Merry Christmas!

Here are some of our Christmas pictures:The kids sure enjoyed playing with their new toys.
My sister got me an adult size sleeper for Christmas! It was hilarious! I know that it makes me look pregnant, but I promise I'm not!! I've fallen in love with these jammies. They are so comfy and warm!
Kyle's special Dynaco helicopter!

Lock of Love

We finally had our first sighting of hair!! She would not let me get a good picture of it, but when it's not ratted there is one little golden curl! Still not much on top. We're hoping she has a little more by kindergarten!

Gingerbread House

We made a gingerbread house a couple of weeks ago and had a blast (Thanks to Grandma Jannie)!! Kyle absolutely loved decorating it and Brookie absolutely loved eating it!

Brookie wanted to eat the whole thing! She went CRAZY!!
It's hard to tell, but she was completely covered in sticky candy and frosting.
Pure JOY!

Monday, December 8, 2008

No more vacations!

Kyle and Sydney hanging out! We went to Boise, ID for Thanksgiving. It wasn't our best get-away (as I have explained below) but we had a fabulous time visiting with his family. His mom and step-dad from Seattle met us at his Grandparents house. Christians uncle and his family also came (they live just a mile away from us and Sydney and Kyle had a blast together). Christians cousin, Josh, and his family live in Boise and they came for Thanksgiving dinner and it was fun to meet them for the first time.
Here is the gang!
I'm kicking myself for taking almost no pictures during the entire trip. It was kind of a rough one and I was completely exhausted the whole time...I guess that's why, but I'm still totally bummed!
I just wanted to give a quick re-cap of the last three vacations we've been on, including our trip to Boise:
Last Thanksgiving we went to Mexico with my family. The morning we were leaving we woke up to Brooklyn with pink eye. Then we got thrush (which was extremely painful) and then I got mastitis on both sides (which was even more painful). I was sick basically the whole time.
In July we went to South Dakota for a family reunion. On our way there we hit a deer, Kyle and Brooklyn got sick and threw up the whole time, and on our way home I got a Stupid speeding ticket.
This Thanksgiving we went to Boise, ID to be with Christian's family and Brooklyn and Christian got way sick. Brooklyn had a serious diaper rash and threw up a ton. Christian ended up having to go to the ER because he got so bad. Christians mom and grandpa got it, too. Kyle slept for maybe an hour our entire trip (J/K, but he had a really hard time sleeping and was a naughty boy because of it).
Moral to this story: NEVER VACATION WITH THE NYE'S. Something bad is bound to happen!