Thursday, April 30, 2009

Soccer Time

Kyle had his first soccer game on Saturday. It was about the cutest thing I've ever seen! So Kyle may not have been the MVP (as you might have noticed from the videos below) but I'm pretty sure he took the award for having the most fun! It was so funny to watch him. He kept "pretend falling" over and over and thought it was hilarious, as did we! Half the time he didn't even know where the ball was but he had a huge smile on his face on the entire time and just kept running, even if it was in the opposite direction of the ball:) At half time he ran over to go play with the other team. He didn't want to stop!
He got to throw the ball in after it went out of bounds.
Yummy half time treats!
There he goes! He honestly just ran and ran and loved it so much!
When we got home he said, "I want to play soccer for a lot longer!"

Monday, April 27, 2009

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Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing

Easter Eggs!

I'm a little late with this post, but here we are dying Easter Eggs! Mya was there, of course! Brookie would not let go of that egg!
Did I ever mention Kyles brown tooth? He fell and landed on his mouth on the tile and his tooth "died" or whatever they call it. Luckily it has lightened up a little bit since this picture.
My little brother, Kurt, with the trouble makers.
Jason and Dax (Mya's Daddy and brother).
Way too cute to not put on the blog!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Salt Lake Marathon 26.2!!!

I think I forgot to mention on the blog that we were training for the Salt Lake Marathon. Well, we ran every inch of that 26.2 miles on Saturday, if you can believe that! Here we are at 5 am eating our breakfast before the marathon. My aunt Heidi (my mom's little sister) and her friends came all the way from South Dakota to run.
Here we are at mile 18. My parents brought us banana's, ibuprofen, and bagels to re-fuel. They were such life-savers!! The marathon sent out e-mails saying that they would provide energy gels at a few of the aide stations so we did not bring anything with us. They NEVER provided the gels so we went the first 18 miserable miles on a bagel. We felt so much better after the fuel and encouragement from our family! Kyle, Brooklyn, my sister Rachael, her new baby Ashlyn, my grandparents, and parents were all their cheering us on! It helped so much. Thanks guys! Love you!
I think this was at about mile 22 - it was all a blur at that point!
Here we were rounding the corner at the Gateway mall to the finish line. What a miracle it was to see that! At this corner we had my same family at that point, too, and then were totally surprised to see JoDeane and Kelsey there cheering us on, too. It made all the difference in the world to have our family there supporting us! We can't thank you enough!
I don't know what was going on with my face in this picture, but what I do know is that I was just so happy to not be running anymore!!!
It took us just over 5 hours to finish, which is a horrible time, but we were just happy we were able to finish given all the problems we faced during our training. We were totally under prepared, and almost didn't even run in the race. We picked a horrible time of year to run a marathon (tax season and running don't mix very well). We hardly saw Christian for the 2 and a half months before our race. It didn't help, either, to have 2 ear surgeries, lots of ear infections, sick children, and test after test for Brookie. All in all we feel pretty good about what we did!
*To see some professional pictures taken during our run you can go to Select Salt Lake Marathon 2009, type in our last name (nye), and our bib numbers were 480 and 481.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The great news is that Brooklyn does not have cystic fibrosis. I didn't mention that they were testing for that because I didn't want to cause any unnecessary worry. She has some strong symptoms of it so we were pretty nervous for a few days, but luckily she does not have it! The testing went well (as well as I could have hoped). They hooked her up to a machine and had to send electrical shocks to her arm for 5 minutes. She did not like it, but tolerated it pretty well. Occasionally, she'd lock her little fists up and just shake them because it was so uncomfortable. That made me so sad, but she is so tough! After that part they wrapped her arms up and we just had to walk around the hospital for 30 minutes. She LOVED that part. She had Mom and Dad's full attention (without Kyle) and everybody who saw her absolutely adored her. She would walk up to people and lift her arms up and point to her "bandages." It was totally adorable. After they removed the wraps from her arms they had to do the blood work. That was no fun, but the lady got it on the first try. What a miracle! That is way better than the four tries it took last time. Some of her labs were a little out of range, but nothing to be too concerned about. We still need to follow up with somebody about why she is not growing. My doctor is supposed to call me to figure out a plan from here.

Thank goodness for daddies!

Friday, April 10, 2009

More Tests!

Little Brookie had her 18 month well-check yesterday and it didn't go so well. She has actually lost weight since her last appointment and is not even on the charts anymore. The doctor is concerned because she is actually a pretty good little eater, but she can't seem to grow. We will be back up at Primary Children's on Monday for some more blood work and other testing. The testing will not be fun. They have to do a chloride sweat test, which I know she will hate. This is getting pretty old. I feel so bad for Brookie that she has to go though all of this. She starts to cry even when we pull into the parking lot of a doctors office because she knows where we are and what is coming.

Love/Hate Relationship!

Kyle and Brookie are starting to bug each other a lot more lately. Brookie could smash her head on the table and not even flinch, but if Kyle accidentally bumps her in passing it's like her whole world ends. Kyle can be so sweet to her one second, and then the next he'll do anything he can to bother her. When he is trying to be sweet he calls her "baby." He'll say in a really soft voice, "It's okay, baby!" or "What do you need baby girl?" One thing they both love doing is having Kyle carry Brookie. They think it is Hilarious!! We have to spot because it often ends in catastrophe, but they laugh and laugh. I couldn't get a great picture of it, but below are pictures of him picking her up and trying to carry her.

At the gym there are two separate play rooms but they are usually in the same one together. For some reason last week they put Brooklyn in the other playroom without Kyle. She seemed fine when I dropped her off, but when I picked her back up her little eyes were red and swollen with tears streaming down her cheeks. They said she had a really hard time that day and when I picked her up the first thing she said was, "Kyle, Kyle!" I said, "You want Kyle?" and she gave me a firm nod and pointed to the door. Once we got Kyle she was laughing and giggling again!