Friday, August 22, 2008

I am still alive!

I haven't blogged in a while! We've had our share of drama the past few weeks. Sadly, our bishop took his own life. This has been a very, very difficult trial for our ward and has brought on a lot of sadness, confusion and stress. Unfortunately, Kyle picked up on those emotions of mine and really started to act out and digressed a lot with potty training. That brought on even more stress, and then the guilt of feeling like a terrible mother. I've learned a lot from this trial and, although, I'm not completely healed I've accepted it and am able to move forward and learn many, many lessons from it. Thankfully, Kyle is slowly getting back to himself! I've made a real point to get out and do some fun things with the kids trying to make up for the bad mother I was for a couple of weeks. We've been up to a lot lately and I've posted some pictures of our many adventures!

The Dentist!

Kyle went in for his first teeth cleaning at the dentist the other day. He did amazing! I was really blown away. He was so cooperative and let them do their thing. It definitely helped having the "BEE Movie" on in the ceiling. Those are headphones in his ears. He was such a champ! He kept saying, "They're getting the Sugar Bugs off!"
The dentist said that I need to bring Brooklyn in for her first cleaning within 6 months of her first tooth. That would mean taking her in in 2 months. Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't go well.

The Dinosaur Museum!

We went to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point with JoDeane and it was amazing! The kids absolutely loved it there! There was so much to look at and learn, and there were also tons of hands-on exhibits for both Kyle and Brooklyn. Now I'm kind of wishing I had spent our Zoo money on a membership here! Maybe Santa will bring us one (I don't know why I'm even hinting that to Christian because he never reads this thing). Kyle took this picture all by himself. He loved this little dinosaur action figure for some reason...and he loves to take pictures.

There is Brookie just having some fun with a big smile behind that binki!
Kyle just had so much fun exploring everything there!

Definitely another outing I would recommend!

The Copper Mine

Yes, I was born and raised in Salt Lake and just last week went to the Copper Mine for the first time in my life. I was blown away! It was so fun! This is an outing I would definitely recommend (especially if you have a little boy). The smaller trucks in the picture below are actually the size of a house. The tires on those things are the same size as the tire we are standing in front of above.
The kids loved it! They just sat there and watched the trucks working for a long time! We can easily see the mine from our house and every time Kyle sees it he says, "Let's go dere again!"

The Zoo!

We bought a year family pass to the Zoo so we go often, but the kids never get tired of it! Brooklyn LOVED the spider web! She threw a fit every time I tried taking her out of it!

My cousin, Nikki, and her little girl, Casey, came with us. We, of course, brought Mya because Kyle can't stand to be away from her for more than a couple of hours! Kyle always says, "Mya's my friend, MYA!" He talks about her all the time and will randomly say, "Mommy, I wove Mya." It's adorable!
Below is a short, funny video of Kyle screaming when the leopard came in front of him.


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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Notice Anything New?

I have beautiful diamond earrings!! Maybe I'm crazy, but I got Brooklyn's ears pierced today! You can't tell me that it's not completely adorable! She did so good! I think it took me longer to recover than her!