Wednesday, October 29, 2008

About Brookie!

I've been wanting to do a post about Brookie for a while now just to let grandmas and aunts know the little person she is turning into. Here it goes:

1. She loves to play on the bed. The picture above is her and Kyle monkeying around. She will stand on the bed, look at you with mischief in her eyes, and throw herself straight back. She LOVES to be thrown and flipped around and will just giggle and giggle!
2. She hates things on her feet (just like her mommy). We cannot put sleepers on her because the feet on them bug her so bad that she'll try and pull them off. I'll go in her room in the middle of the night to find her all tangled up in her sleeper that she'd been yanking on. We just don't use them anymore! Her feet get cold, though, so I put socks on her every night. They have never lasted a full night. Every morning when I go and get her out of her crib she has thrown both of her socks, and usually her binki, too, behind the crib. So I have to move the crib every few days and gather all of her socks and then start over! It's like she's trying to get rid of them so I won't put them on her anymore!
3. This little girl can eat! She is the best little eater I've ever known! She will eat anything...and a lot of it! My curry chicken dish is one of her favorites. It's funny because Kyle has always loved that one too. It doesn't seem like kids would like it because it has a spicy and unique flavor to it, but they love it! At least someone likes my cookin'! Brooklyn will often eat as much as Kyle and Kyle can eat a lot. It's a wonder she's such a pip-squeak!
4. She LOVES to dance! She'll start moving anytime she hears music!
5. She loves baby dolls and hugs, burps, and snuggles with her babies often!
6. Everyone loves how teeny-tiny she is! People always ask how old she is when they see her walking around. They always say, "She's way too little to be walking around!"
7. She is having more and more "drama queen" moments, but over all she's such a happy, sweet little girl!

The Pumpkin Patch!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


THE RULES: You have to post the 4th picture in the 4th folder in your pictures folder. Then give a brief description before you tag a few others. So here it goes! This is Kyle eating his sweet potatoes! He was 8 months old. Looks a lot like Brookie, except twice the size and 20 times the amount of hair!

I tag:
- Jessica
- Meagan
- Jade
- Melissa
- Jesika

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who's that old Lady?

A few weeks ago we did a Family Home Evening on our new Prophet. We were trying to teach Kyle about who he is and what he does. We practiced saying his name a couple of times and as he was looking at the picture above he said pointing to President Uchtdorf, "Who's that old lady?" The way he said it was so funny...we couldn't stop laughing! Just thought I'd share that little story.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Birthday Party and Ear Update

I'm finally posting pictures of Brookies birthday party! You can't tell me that that is not the cutest cake you have ever seen! Fine...I'll admit that I didn't do this one. My friend who helped me with Kyle's cake surprised me with this adorable cake! She did an amazing job and I can't even imagine how much time she spent on it. I have such amazing friends!!! Brooklyn thoroughly enjoyed it!
This is the best!
The joy continues!
Even the bath afterwords was joyous!

Now for her ear update: She had the surgery this morning and it all went well. When we were in Vegas the past few days I wondered if she had developed ear infections yet again because she she slept even worse than she has been and pulled at her ears the whole time. Of course, I was right. Before they started the surgery they said it was only about a 10 minute procedure and they'd come and get me when it was over. After a long time (maybe 30 minutes) the doctor came out and said that she had an unusual amount of fluid in her ears. The fluid was so thick that he said it was about the consistency of rubber cement. He said it took them so long because they had drain it all out. He said she will be a new person after getting all of that out. He figured that she probably couldn't hear much with all of that fluid in there, too. We have to get her on an oral antibiotic and one that you drop in her ears. It's no wonder that she's been struggling so bad lately! She had a pretty rough time in recovery, but they said that was completely normal. After about 15 minutes she felt a lot better. I'm so relieved that it's over! I'm so glad that my poor baby will finally start feeling better. And I'm extremely glad that we didn't have to wait 2 more weeks to get this done. The picture below is Brooklyn with my dad right after the surgery!


Christian is out of town for work so me and the kids headed down to Vegas with my mom. We had a blast. We had to make it a quick trip so that we could be back in time for Brookies surgery. Brooklyn had kind of a rough time because her ears hurt so bad, but she was such a trooper! Brookyn became a "Grandma'a Girl" this trip. She just wanted grandma, grandma, grandma!
The kids loved this race track rug!
Brookie would sneak up and play on it any time Kyle wasn't around!

Baby Katie

My parents just got a puppy named Katie. She is such a funny dog and LOVES binki's. She searches out Brooklyn's binki's and anytime there is one on the floor she gets it. And the funny thing is that she puts them in her mouth and holds it there just like a baby. She'll just run around with this binki in her mouth. It was really hard to capture in a picture actually how funny this is, but I did my best.
She running from us as were trying to get the binki back!
Kyle loves Katie!! Here he is giving her a juicy kiss. It is so funny that Kyle kisses with his tongue sticking out! We even have him practice with his tongue in his mouth, but he always ends up kissing this wonderful, wet way!

Friday, October 3, 2008

One Year Ago!

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Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Here is Brookie one year ago today! And here she is today! Only 10 pounds heavier, but cruising around like she owns the place! Ear Update: She is getting tubes in her ears. I don't know who I talked to on the phone that told me they could possibly to the surgery that same day because they scheduled her to get the surgery at the end of the month. When I asked them about what the lady told me on the phone they said that was crazy talk. I was totally discouraged!!! Her ears are not infected anymore, but they still have a lot of fluid in them causing severe pressure and pain. The doctor said that the tubes would take care of that immediately and drain all of the fluid out. I asked what I was supposed to do for the next 3 weeks and the doctor said, "You can try Motrin." I was SO mad! After talking to a friend she said I needed to call back and demand they move the surgery up. Thankfully they changed it to October 9th (only one more week). At least the end is in sight for all of us!

More Utah Football

Here are a couple of other pictures from the Utah game last week that I couldn't get off of my camera for some reason. Christian is so HANDSOME!!!