Friday, May 30, 2008

Vegas Baby!

We went down to Las Vegas for Memorial Day weekend and we had a blast!!! Before we left Kyle kept saying, "Vegas Baby." We stayed at my parents house.
There is Kyle and Grandpa making funny faces!
Brookie has been on this kick lately where she likes to lean back to look at things. She does this all the time.
Grandpa got Kyle a new motorcycle and a big truck that holds all of his little cars and it is SUPER COOL! One morning I woke up to some noise out in the living room. I peeked out and Kyle was so excited about his new toys that he just couldn't wait to play with them. Everyone else was still asleep and he was out there just driving his cars and truck around. It was pretty cute.
We went to the Circus Circus hotel and took Kyle to the amusement park. He loved most of the rides, but was taken by surprise by some of them. I sure felt bad seeing him scream as he went round and round on the super fast train ride! Overall, he loved it!

Brookie was warn out!
More rides.

It's an interesting phenomenon to me how Kyle will NOT fall asleep on a road trip, but zonks out on a short car ride home! I'm serious - he NEVER sleeps in the car on road trips. Why?

We broke the trip up by stopping to see our friends Ryan and Megan in St. George who have been some of our best friends right from the beginning of Christian and me! We went to school with them at SUU and have countless memories with these guys. We also stopped to see our other friends in Cedar City, Kyle and Amy, and I'm kicking myself now for forgetting to get pictures with them. Kyle and Ryan are brothers and Kyle is who inspired the name of our first born! He's just an awesome guy and made that name sound really good to us! This picture is of me and Meagan with our babies! Their boy, Jase, is two months younger than Brooklyn. We have arranged for their marriage to take place in 21 years once Jase gets home from his mission!
Here are the two Love Birds!
And finally, a picture with all four people (including two babies) smiling. Rare!!! Ryan and Meagan are leaving us to go to Boston for Dental School. They will be very missed!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Major Breakthrough!

Kyle has been doing okay lately with potty training. He'll go potty in the toilet maybe once or twice a day, but he's never wanted to go "poopies" in the toilet at all...until today!!! I asked him if he wanted to go and he said he did. I got him situated on the toilet and then left. A couple of minutes later he came out yelling, "POOPIES! POOPIES!!" He then brought me into the bathroom and showed me the little present he left there. He was thrilled...and so was I!! I've heard that this is a pretty big step to take in the potty training process so we are feeling very encouraged. Here is his little toilet. If you look close at the seat you will notice a bunch of stickers. I let him put a sticker anywhere he wants to on his toilet each time he goes in it. It's been a big hit for him!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Where do I begin?

Well, it has been quite a while since my last post because things have been CRAZY! I'll start with Brookies status: she has been very sick for a while and we finally found out that she has two ear infections. That wasn't enough for the poor little girl to have to go through...she also was cutting a tooth at the same time. She was miserable. Despite her misery, we were still able to get smiles from our little sweetheart! She is now on an antibiotic and is slowly starting to feel better. We had a special visitor this past weekend and luckily she was a lot better by the time Grandma Kim got into town. She definitely wasn't 100%, but better than she had been. She had a pretty rough night last night and her ears still seem to be bugging her and I just noticed a rash all over her back. It just doesn't end! Poor little girl!!
On Saturday I had my triathlon. It was awesome!! I think I did okay. I placed 10th in my age group, but my age group wasn't huge so it's not THAT cool, but I felt good about it. Here are a few pictures of my #1 fans:

I would like to send out a HUGE "Thank You" to everyone that came to support me. Christian, Kyle, Brookie, Kim (Christian's Mom from Seattle), Steve and JoDeane (Christian's Dad and step-mom), and my parents, Shaun and Marla, all came. It meant the world to me. I have the best family!
Here I am on the bike. The bike portion was definitely the hardest for me and during it I thought that this triathlon thing wasn't that fun. Luckily I really enjoyed the run and decided that, yes, I really do love this sport and want to do it again!!

Here I am just after my swim. I'm the one on the left. I will soon forgive Christian for not taking a picture during my run or as I crossed the finish line! I was wearing a pink-polka-dot skirt and it was super cute! I'm pretty sure it made me run faster!
During Kim's visit we did a ton of stuff including miniature golfing. That was a blast!!! Kyle loved it. He actually did pretty well and the whole time he was jumping up and down yelling, "WaHoo!!" He got that adorable baseball hat from Grandma Kim and won't take it off.

There he is getting ready!

Kyle was very good at getting every one's ball back to them, even if they weren't finished with the hole!

The whole gang!
Brookie loved being at the course. She LOVES being outside. It was such a perfect day!

After my race everyone (except Brookie and me) went to a U of U vs. BYU baseball game. Kyle had been dying all weekend to go to the "Big Game" as he called it. He just craves this kind of stuff! After the game Christians Aunt Nancy, Uncle Spence and cousin Sydney came over for a BBQ. Here is Kyle and Sydney playing with Kyle's new water toy. We had an awesome, action-packed weekend. We're sad it's over and sad that "Gama Bim" had to go home so soon!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kyle's Scooter Ride!

Kyle went on a little scooter ride with Grandma Nacey. I love that my mom has a scooter! It's a big hit with the grand kids (and kids - my sisters have way too much fun on that thing). I posted a very short video clip below of them going for a ride. Kyle had so much fun that he refused to even take the helmet off after the ride was over. He played with that helmet on for quite a long time.

Grandmas Scooter

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Monumental Day for the Nye Family!

Friday, May 2 was a phenomenal day for us. Christian graduated with his Masters of Accounting! It has been a long road and it still hasn't quite sunk in that he is finished with school forever!!! I have to brag about my husband for a minute. He is an unbelievably hard worker. Ever since I have known him he has been in school. He doesn't ever bring it up, but he gets ridiculously good grades, too. The past few months were especially hard because he was working over time plus going to school. After a very long day at work he would go straight to school and get home at 11 pm. He would wake up at unearthly hours of the morning to do homework while everyone else was sleeping because he didn't want school to cut out more family time. He has sacrificed so much for us and we are so grateful for his diligence, hard work, and his incredible example to us all! He is our Superhero!! We're happy to have our husband and daddy back! As you can see, it was a long day for the kids!