Thursday, January 24, 2008


Well, I did it. It's not really the look I was going for, but my hair dresser said he thinks I should start with this cut first. He said that the other cut I wanted can easily turn into looking like a mullet if I don't know exactly how to style it, and it's more time consuming. He thought this cut would be good to really learn how to style short hair - so maybe next time I'll try something like what I posted below. I think I like my new do, but it will just take some getting used to! When I asked Kyle what he thought of my haircut he said enthusiastically, "CUTE!"

Monday, January 21, 2008

Funny Kyle

The other day Christian had hat hair. It was pretty matted down from a beanie he'd been wearing and Kyle looked at him and said, "Nice Haircut!" He's coming up with new words everyday and often has the funniest little quotes!

Happy Brookie

Brooklyn is just a happy little girl! Her favorite person is Kyle. She thinks he hung the moon (we'll see how long that lasts!). Anytime she sees him she lights up. Kyle was really the first person to ever get her to giggle! He's such a good brother and Loves to make her smile!

Our little Photogropher

I asked Kyle to hold Brooklyn for me for a minute and after I put her on his lap he insisted I take their picture. He loves cameras and pictures. He got a toy camera from his aunt for Christmas and he goes around the house taking pictures and always says, "Smile Mommy!" or "Smile Brookie!" He even will put me in a pose sometimes. The other day he wanted to take my picture, but I had to sit at the foot of my bed with my foot up and my hand on my leg.
Here is another picture he requested that I take:

Growing Too Fast!

Kyle is growing up so fast! He's made the transition from crib to toddler bed, and he's showing lots of interest in potty-training! He goes potty on his toilet everyday and will often initiate it on his own. He'll yell "Potty" then rip his diaper off and run to the toilet. He's still very inconsistent and sometimes when I ask him if he has to go he'll look at me, shrug his shoulders, tilt his head and say, "Did!" We're still working on "Number 2" but I'm encouraged at his progress. Any tips would be very helpful!

Here is Kyle in his styling snake skin cowboy boots!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Opinion Poll!

I'm contemplating a major change and I need your honest opinion! I have always been a long-haired girl, but I'm thinking about chopping my hair off very short. Do you think I could pull this look off? I'm worried because I think this hairstyle is cute on this woman, but I don't know how it would look on me. I'm also wondering if I ought to get the highlights. I've never done any kind of color in my hair and that makes me very nervous. I've always said "Go big or go home!" so maybe if I'm going to do the cut I should do the color too. I'm also concerned because with my hair this short I will no longer have the pony tail crutch. I do the pony tail like every other day. You short-haired people - how hard is it to do a style like this? I need something easy and fast! Oh, this is a scary, but exciting thing to think about. I need some feedback!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Wow - That's a long post. Here is the condenced version:

I was really, really sick for a while and finally went to a Doctor.
They did lots of test and blood tests and I had a very elevated blood level.
The Dr. said the level indicated a potentially life-threatening condition and that I needed to go to the ER right away for further testing.
I passed the tests at the ER and was released that night without a life-threatening condition.
Couldn't feed Brooklyn my breast milk because of one of the tests at the hospital and found out that she is allergic to most formula the hard way.
We are all doing better now and hope to not experience something like this again!

The other post is really long and I didn't thing that anybody would read it, but if you are interested in a few more details you are welcome to read the novel after this!

Rough Week!

Wow – it’s been a crazy week! Let me just start off by saying that No, I do not have a life threatening condition! Okay, so a few days before Christmas Eve I started having some small symptoms, but I still felt fine. On Christmas day I didn’t feel the best, but that night I went downhill fast. I felt like I could hardly stand up. I crawled up to bed and stayed there the rest of the night. The next morning I didn’t feel any better so Christians step-mother saved the day by coming to get Kyle for me. I pretty much stayed in the same condition that whole day. I decided to go to the doctor the next morning when I wasn’t a hair better. Christian stayed home from work to take care of me and the kids. They did lots of tests and blood tests and found out that I had a UTI so they put me on antibiotics right away. Well, the doctor put me on an antibiotic that you are not supposed to take when you are breastfeeding even though I made sure about 100 times that it would be okay. When I got the prescription it said on a big red sticker: Warning Do Not take if Breastfeeding. I called the pharmacist and she said that it would hurt Brooklyn, but she just may not eat it. Well, sure enough – she stopped eating my rotten, yucky breast milk. This brings us to Friday and my mom had Kyle since I was still not any better. So I could hardly stand up still and now I had a hungry, ornery baby. I called the Dr. and she finally called me back like 7 hours later, but she wasn’t calling about the antibiotic. She said that she got my tests results back and one of the levels was very elevated. She said that the high level would indicate a condition that was potentially life-threatening and that I needed to go to an Emergency room right away to have further tests done. That hit like a ton of bricks! Christian rushed home from work and off to the ER we went. After several tests they confirmed that I was okay and actually released us that night! One of the tests that they did was CT scan with contrast (which means they injected some kind of something in me that breastfeeding babies can’t have). They said that I would have to pump and discard my milk for 2 days. We ran out of frozen milk thanks to the first antibiotic I was on for the UTI so at 3 am the next morning was the first time she had to have formula. We were pretty worried that she wouldn’t drink it and didn’t know how she would react since she had never had formula, but she gobbled it up great! But about 5 minutes later she started throwing up like crazy and then developed a major rash all over her body. Now I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. She obviously didn’t tolerate the formula, and my milk was again rotten so I had no idea what to do for my little hungry sweetheart! I paged the on-call Dr. at 3:30 am and he said it sounded like she has a milk allergy! There was one kind of formula that doesn’t have milk product he told us to try, but he said it tasted nothing like breast milk so hopefully she’ll eat it. That wasn’t very encouraging with her recent past, but we went ahead with it. She did choke it down, but it was very obvious she didn’t enjoy it. She’s such a trooper! Now I’m back to breastfeeding and slowly getting my strength back! It was a very difficult week, but luckily I have such wonderful family around to help me out!