Saturday, March 29, 2008

We Welcome Baseball Season!

Our new template is in honor of Kyle. He is really looking forward to baseball season. Don't get me wrong - he is thoroughly enjoying March Madness, but he (and Christian) can't wait for baseball. Go Mariners!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Rachie, You Should Have Come!

Rachael, I'm just trying to rub it in that you didn't come home! Look at how much fun we were having! All of your in-laws were hanging out with me at my house. I felt pretty special! Mya was SOOO upset that you weren't here!
When I told her you were coming in July she perked right up!

We love you Rach. Come home soon!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Tie

Kyle got a special Easter tie from his Grandma Kim. He LOVES his tie and always wants to wear it. Today, after church, Kyle wanted to play outside with Christian. He started to go outside and realized it was windy so he asked us to take his tie off because he didn't want it to blow away in the wind. The first day we got it and opened up the package Kyle wanted to put it on. I tried to talk him out of it, but he wouldn't let up. I figured, "Oh well!" So he went to the grocery store and on other errands with me in his t-shirt, jeans and tie!

Easter Egg Hunt

We had a great Easter egg hunt with our cousins at my parents house. They found bubbles, toys, candy and even money! It was a blast! Here is Jeter. This picture is for my sister, Rachie! Jeter misses you. (Jeter is Melissa's dog)
Here is my sister Melissa with her baby, Bailey and Brooklyn. Bailey is just 4 months older than Brookie.

Look at my egg!
The kids playing by grandpa. Sorry I cut your face off Dad!
Kurt (my little brother) and Bart (Melissa's husband)

Look Dad, I found an egg!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Missing. Have you seen me?

Last seen: Sometime in January before tax season began.
Age: 25
Hair color: Sandy Blond
Eye color: Green
Height: About 6 feet tall
Weight: Oh, I don't know - 170 ish
Reward: I'm willing to offer a large reward to anyone who can make tax season end immediately. We miss our husband and daddy!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Canada Geese

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We Made it Home

Well, we made it home from Ohio (and just in time - they just got pounded with about 20 inches of snow). All-in-all the flight home was okay. It was a LONG day for everyone. Our total travel time was about 8 hours. We were lucky enough to get to sit by a very large man on one of our flights who didn't think that trying to handle a five-month-old and a two-year-old by myself was that difficult. Otherwise I'm sure he would not have helped himself to my tray table by setting his coffee and work papers on it. He must have been legally blind also because he surely would have moved his stuff when he saw me trying to get the backpack of Kyles toys up and around the tray with my foot, and at the same time trying to keep Brooklyn asleep on my lap. That flight felt like 3 days (it was about 3 hours). I really should have said something to this inconsiderate man, but I was so angry that if I opened my mouth they probably would have had to make an emergency landing to escort the crazy woman and her two hysterical children off the plane. But really, looking back I have no idea why I didn't make that man move his stuff. Since we've been home Kyle has been asking to play with his cousin, Jansen. They sure had a good time together! I made a slide show of the two of them playing together.

Check out my Slide Show!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Party Time!

Christian surprised me and the kids with plane tickets to Ohio to visit our cousins. He's been so crazy busy with work and school so we came out to play while he works all hours of the night and finishes up his final projects for school. We are having a ball!!! The plane ride with two kids by myself went pretty smoothly. We did encounter some very ornery people, but I couldn't have hoped for the kids to do any better! I'm not really looking forward to another long plane ride on Wednesday, but we are extremely excited to see our husband and daddy! Natalie is one month older than Brooklyn and has been telling her everything she needs to know about being six months old.

Here they are simply adoring each other:

Kyle and Jansen are both two (just 3 weeks apart). They have had some minor sharing issues, but they have done far better at playing with each other than I expected. They are such good kids!