Tuesday, May 19, 2009

She's Growing!!

My baby girl has finally reached 20 lbs! At her weight check last week she gained almost a pound weighing 20 lbs. 2 oz! We are thrilled with that progress. She is almost back on the charts, even! YEAH! And another bit of great news: She has not had an ear infection since her last surgery! This is the longest she's gone since she was 5 months old without an ear infection. Things are looking up! She is getting close to growing out of her size 3 shoes, and almost fits into 18 month clothes! Hip-Hip-Hooray! Some sad news is that she has been having night terrors. They have been a little more frequent lately and it is the saddest thing. The doctor says she probably doesn't even remember them in the morning, but they traumatize me! She has had them since she was little, but we just didn't know that's what it was. Aparently, there is really nothing you can do for them. I still need to do more research so if any of you know much about this let me know!

More Soccer

I have to tell you the cutest story. Mya is on Kyles soccer team and she had only been able to make it to one game before this one and at that game she was too scared to go in and play. At this game it was the same story. She wanted nothing to do with it. Kyle came out on the sidelines and held her hand and stood there with her for a few minutes. Then we looked over and they had ran out together. They held hands nearly the whole time. It was the sweetest thing. They just love each other so much! Here they are with Noah at the RLS soccer game. They had a blast. They got voucher tickets with their soccer registration and ended up getting great seats!