Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th of July Fun!

We went to Rock Springs, WY to celebrate the 4th with my brother, sister, and their families! Jason, Dax and Mya came, too. We went boating on the 4th and had blast! We had so much fun that Mya fell fast asleep on the boat!

I think we should start calling Dax "Crax" instead!
Having fun on the boat!
Brookie saw Kyle out on the tube and demanded a turn. I went out there with her and she kept yelling "Faster, Faster!" She is CRAZY!

This is Kyle right after he got off the tube. He loved it so much!

My two favorite men!
Here is Kyle on the tube with Bart, Bailey, and Kenady.

Thanks Josh, Jes, Melis and Bart for the awesome weekend!!!

Dancing in the Rain!

Christian's Grandparents came in town from Boise, ID to watch Sydney while her parents got to tour Europe! We got together with them a few times, but there was always so much going on that I forgot to get many pictures. We did, however, snap some pictures of this little moment! Kyle and Sydney went to play in the yard and the next thing we knew they were out there singing and dancing in the rain. I posted a little video below of their rain dance!

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Happy Birthday Leiden!

Christians cousins threw quite the party for their adorable little girl! Kyle got to ride a pony and was completely thrilled about it!!
After the party the kids ran off to the park! Brooklyn couldn't stay still long enough for me to even snap a picture of her. She is a little spitfire daredevil and keeps us on our toes!