Friday, February 22, 2008

Don't mess with my little sister!

I take the kids to the gym with me and leave them in the daycare. Kyle absolutely loves it and usually doesn't want to leave. Today I did the same routine of taking Brooklyn back to the baby section, then saying "Bye" to Kyle and leaving for my workout. Well, after I left another lady was leaving with her car seat that looked exactly like Brooklyn's. The ladies working in the daycare said that Kyle flipped out and was inconsolable. They finally took him back to the baby section to show him that Brookie was back there, but that wasn't enough. They told me he wouldn't calm down until he gave Brooklyn a hug and a kiss. As soon as they let him do that he was fine and played without a fuss the rest of the time.


This is so strange, but when we put Brooklyn in the bath she lays there, looks up at this fixture and smiles SO big. Even when she's not a happy camper as soon as she sees the fixture she lights up!

Vegas Baby!

Christian had to leave town for work so the kids and I decided to leave town and head south! We are sick and tired of this cold weather! We stayed with my parents and had a ball!! Kyle went to work with my dad every day and I did some shopping with my mom, RELAXED, and enjoyed the warm weather. I was pretty nervous to drive all the way to Vegas by myself with the two kids, but they did awesome!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dad is so funny!


Anyone who really knows Kyle knows how much he absolutely loves drinking anything! He loves water so much that our pediatrition actually told me to limit how much he drinks. I'm not supposed to let him drink more than 40 oz per day. We sometimes reach that very early in the day so I really have to be careful to ration his water. In the picture below he begged to have two sippy cups with dinner so I gave in thinking that he would slowly drink them over the course of dinner. Well, literally 5 minutes later they were both gone (that was 18 oz) - before I could even get dinner on the table. By the way, the two sippy cups in the mouth at one time is not a pose. He really does that anytime I let him have two!

Back to Jail

Kyle was doing Awesome in his toddler bed at first. He'd sleep great and once he woke up he'd call for me and wait in his bed until I came in and got him. Well, a devistating thing happened one day. It finally occured to him that all he had to do was simply get out of bed and then he'd never have to take a nap again. He boycotted naps so I boycotted the toddler bed. My days are too long and hard with having Christian gone so much so I tamed the beast for the moment by putting him back in the crib. I will deal with the toddler bed situation when school and tax season are over for Christian and when Brooklyn is sleeping better at night!

Here are Kyle's feelings on the matter: