Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wicked Fun Party!!

We celebrated the kids birthday this past weekend and had some serious fun! Since their birthdays are only a week apart and they have all the same friends we did a combined party at Classic Family Fun Center (known as Classic Skating when I was a child). I'm not sure if the adults or kids had more fun! Brookie requested a chocolate Tinkerbell cake and that is what she got! It took a ridiculous amount of time to make, but it was a lot fun! Obviously it was allergy-friendly for her, and it was all worth it to see the excitement in her face when she got to actually eat cake!!I tried to talk Kyle into a different cake, but he wanted Lightning McQueen again! Thank goodness my sister-in-law, Mandi, showed up to help me finish this one. My hand was cramping up!
My dad couldn't stop bragging about the "school girl" he is married to! Here she is bouncing away with the kids!
Brooklyn almost didn't even want to open her presents because she was enjoying her chocolate cake too much!
Half of our sweet party guests!
The other half! Thank you all so much for coming!
My family used to really like going to Chucky Cheeses and Jungle Jims for partys. My sister-in-law, Jesika, parted from playing for two seconds, ran over to us and dramatically declared, "Chucky Cheese is DEAD to me!" Then she ran back to playing! My dad hollered back to her, "Chucky, WHO?!" I have been laughing about that for days!
Having Fun!
Steve was declared the "Best Shot" in the blast zone!
And the perfect finish to the funnest party ever was my mom, dad and brothers won the grand prize of 100 tickets at the Deal or No Deal game! It came down to two cases. One had one ticket, the other had 100 tickets and we could have made the deal and settled with 50 tickets. We had ten seconds to decide and half the people were shouting "NO DEAL!" and the other half screaming "DEAL!!!" It was pretty dramatic! With one second left my brother pushed "No Deal" and when we realized the case had the 100 tickets you would have thought my family just won the lottery! We all went absolutely crazy!
Here is most of my family! We wished we got the picture before my sister and her family had to leave!
Thanks to everyone who came! We had a blast!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where to Begin?

Well, obviously we have disappeared from the blogging world for nearly a year!! I have many friends and family who have not been happy with me about that, and to them I am very sorry! We are back in business now! I figured it would be nearly impossible to try and catch up on the last year so I am simply going to pick up from right now and move forward! We recently had a super fun vacation down to St. George. Some of our closest friends from college are from there and were home visiting their parents. We took advantage of the opportunity to see them by crashing at their parents house with them! They were our second family during college and they always took such great care of us! In this picture is Ryan, Meagan, Jase and Macey.They have an unbelievable party house and Kyle could not get enough of it, especially the Wii!
The boys went out boating and Kyle was pretty excited that he got to drive the boat all by himself!
Christian learning to wake surf!
Brookie could not get enough of Macey! The first moment she saw her she said, "I want to get that kind of baby!" She did a lot of practicing to be a big sister!! (Yes, I am pregnant if that is news to anybody)
Here is Kyle and Amy in the theater room with all the kids! Kyle is Ryan's brother and who inspired us to name our first born Kyle!!

Kyle also could not get enough swimming!
He even got brave enough to jump off the diving board!
And there is Christian leaping off the high dive!!

Thank you guys!! We had a blast and can't wait to see you again!!