Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Utah Football!!

We had the rare opportunity to go to a U football game and watch from an incredible box suite (thanks to Christians Uncle Spence)! We had a blast. Christians grandparents were in town from Boise and it was so nice to spend time with them, too! Here is Kyle and Sydney watching the game together. Sydney is Christians cousin, but is only 4 days younger than Kyle. They are moving just up the street from us and we are so excited about it! There is Brookie with Grandma Jannie (Christians Mom's Mom)
And this is the best we could do with everyone! You know how it goes with kids!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Unfortunate Update!

Poor little Brookie has ear infections...AGAIN! It started out as this crazy sore throat. Her throat was completely blistered. On top of that she had a nasty cold. The cold then caused her ear infections. To make a long story short she hasn't responded to the antibiotics they've given her. She even developed an infection in her other ear while on the antibiotic. They ended up giving her a shot that will hopefully take care of it (we're crossing our fingers). My pediatrician referred us to an ENT and we have an appointment on Wednesday. They said that depending on the severity of her ears they could possibly do tubes that same day. My poor baby girl!!!
Here are more pictures of some of her favorite places to sit. She actually pulls the dishwasher down by herself and I'll find her just sitting there!
Boxes are another favorite! We have some toy bins that I'll pull out and she'll climb in them and sit even when they are full of hard and pokey toy cars and such. Anywhere we go I'm always finding her looking for a good place to sit!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Kyle!

Kyle turns three tomorrow, but we celebrated tonight! We had a fun party! I forgot my camera when we celebrated with my family, but here are some pictures of our party with the Nye's. YES, I did make the cake...believe it or not! My friend, Tricia, helped me and we spent over 4 hours on this cake so everybody admire it!!!
Kyle and Brooklyn had a BALL with this little toy. Brooklyn about died when she saw it and wouldn't move more than a couple of inches away from it.
Here is Kyle waiting for his big SURPRISE!
Grandpa Nye made him a bench for his room. It's hard to see in the picture, but the pad is made out of basketball leather. It's amazing!!!
Here is the gang as Kyle was blowing out the candles!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Go J-H-S GO!!!

I don't think I've mentioned it on the blog yet, but I'm coaching cheer at Jordan High School and it's a blast!! I'm not sure if it's more fun for Kyle or me! Kyle has fallen in love. He has left the beach blond girls for the stunningly beautiful Amanda! He talks about "Damanda" all the time. She is such a sweetheart! All the cheerleaders just love him and he gets SO much attention any time he's around them. Here is Christian juggling the kids at Homecoming while I was running the music or doing something like that.
Not only does he love the cheerleaders, but he loves to watch the football, too. Here he is doing "spirit fingers." He sees the student body doing that during kick-off so he does it too! He really gets into the game. He cheers and yells and even shows disappointment when they've made a bad play. It's hilarious!
He's focused on the game now!And here are the cutest cheerleaders ever! I love these girls. I'm really having a blast with this job and it works out great for Kyle and Christian, too, because they both LOVE football! Go Jordan!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Simple Pleasures!

Every Friday we anxiously await the arrival of the garbage man. This is a very exciting time for Kyle. We even feel a kinship with this big, bearded man after so many weeks! Mya happened to be over playing today so she got to experience the joy of it, too. Kyle really does get this excited every week. He loves anything that's big, has wheels and makes lots of noise. Below is a video showing our Friday tradition.

Friday Tradition!

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Brooklyn is starting to walk a little bit. I had to capture a little video of her bear crawl before it's over! She crawls on all four's most of the time and I'm used to it, but every time someone sees it for the first time they always comment on it. So, for our far-away family and friends...here is a video of her little crawl. Below that is a little video of her walking (with a crash landing at the end). Please excuse the extremely high-pitched scream at the end. I was trying to distract her from the fall...and, yes, it worked!

Bear Crawl

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Crash Landing

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ice Cream Anyone?

We've had an abundance of ice cream in our house lately! Brooklyn's walker magically became an ice cream machine and her bottle nipples turned into ice cream cones! As you can see in this picture, Kyle puts the ice cream cones under the tray on the walker so they are ready to pull out and use...just like at McDonalds!
There he is enjoying an ice cream cone! He told me that is was very yummy (mine was yummy, too!)
Kids are so creative!

Yummy Veggies!

As we have introduced Brookie to some new veggies we have been pleasantly surprised! Christian gave her a cucumber kind of as a joke to watch her sour face (mean daddy!) and she actually loved it. She even latched on to it and was sucking the life out of it. We have also given her red peppers and tomatoes and she loved both of them! Hip-Hip-Hooray for my Good little eater!There she is with her cucumber. Who knew eating vegetables was this much fun!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Take a Seat!

Brooklyn has been finding all kinds of new places to sit down lately. She is really into that. I constantly find her trying to sit on all kinds of things. When she discovered Kyle's car seat in the entry way she was in heaven! I was doing the dishes and she just sat there by herself for quite a while! I know this is so gross, but when I walked in and saw her just sitting on Kyle's toilet all by herself I had to take a picture!


We went to BYU's opening game with my parents. Kyle LOVED it! My dad knows the coach of Northern Iowa, who they were playing, so he hooked us up with front row seats. We had a ball! Kyle was really into the game and was even doing the hand motions that he saw all the students doing to the school song. It was adorable! This picture doesn't capture it, but he got to give all the cheerleaders a high five as they walked past. They all came up to him and ruffled their pom-poms in his face. He thought he was pretty cool!
He was full of silly faces and poses!
There he is with Grandma and Grandpa! He wouldn't leave my dad alone. They were having so much fun!

Labor Day Weekend

Over the weekend we "camped out" with Christians family. Our camp out was in their backyard to accommodate little babies. We had a blast. We had a camp fire and Kyle got to try his first s'more! Kyle and Christian slept out in the tent and Kyle thought that was pretty neat! I slept inside with Brooklyn.

We also went to Wheeler Farm with his family. Brooklyn was very tired and relaxed!
Kyle loved feeding the geese and ducks!