Thursday, June 9, 2011


My little Ryder is already 2 and 1/2 months old! He is growing well. He's in the 90th percentile for height (which hasn't happened with my children before), and about 80th percentile for weight. He is the happiest and sweetest little thing ever to come to this earth! He is such a good baby and he treats his mommy well! He has been consistently sleeping through the night since about 8 weeks old. He usually gives me a solid 9-10 hours at night...I know, I don't deserve it! My older kids were so attached to the binki that until they were over a year old I would have to go and pop their binki in once or twice a night. The beautiful thing with Ryder is that he will take a binki to calm him down (or hold him off until I can feed him) but he is not so attached to it that he needs it all the time! He is starting to giggle a little bit and he smiles all day long! He just kind of hangs out as long as I don't let him get too tired or too hungry. I really couldn't have asked for a happier baby!

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Nate and Jessica said...

Heeelllo Ryder! It's Auntie is my little squirt? Being a good boy for momma I hear...keep it up little guy. See you soon stinky pants.