Thursday, June 9, 2011

Little All-Star

Kyle is our little athlete! He is just finishing up his baseball season and a great season it's been! He is in the "machine pitch" league and we were a little nervous to start him out in that league. Usually they start with t-ball, then coach pitch, then go to machine pitch, but we had some friends we wanted to be on a team with so we went for it. He has really done amazing!
After every hit he does a little victory dance (pictured below) at first base, then he always gives us the "thumbs up!" It is the Cutest thing ever!

He is quite the little hitter, but my favorite thing about Kyle is that even when he strikes out (which isn't often...the proud mommy had to add that in) he still has a huge smile on his face! He just lets it roll right off his back!

Here he is playing catcher, but his favorite position is third base. It is just too much fun watching him play!

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